Giant Steps In Art Therapy: In The Moment

Monday, July 17, 2017

Lawrence Wells, USA, ’86 – ’88, joined the Giant Steps program for Art Therapy to deal with symptoms of PTSD and depression. The art and group process has helped Mr. Wells to connect with other like-minded and creative Veterans, and to rediscover his unique strengths.

He states “Art has provided a way for me to escape from daily challenges with symptoms. It helps me to return my focus to short terms goals, and to be more in the moment. While creating art, I’m in complete control of the process so that I don’t feel so overwhelmed by that which I have no control over such as world events.  Sometimes I work more deliberately on specific projects that have an end purpose, but often I allow spontaneous imagery to emerge and accept whatever it is that I create, without judgment. Art gives me a voice to express my emotions and deep concerns about social issues and injustices so I don’t feel so powerless over them and, in fact, can possibly make a small difference.” His collage and mixed media pieces can be viewed in our full screen gallery here.

Mr. Wells is a U.S. Army Veteran who served from 1986 - 1988 as a 31K Combat Signaler. Upon completion of his military service, Mr. Wells earned a BFA degree in Film/TV from New York University.   He has had a multifaceted arts and design career in the worlds of entertainment, education, and R&D audiovisual technologies.

The Giant Steps Program is an arts-driven outpatient mental health program for Veterans connected with VA Connecticut Healthcare. The mission of Giant Steps is to promote the wellness and recovery of Veterans by providing opportunities for creative expression, and connection with others so they can rediscover personal strengths, manage stress, build resilience, enhance self-empowerment and find meaning and pleasure in their lives. 

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Laura Spinelli, MA, ATR, LPC
Director, Giant Steps Program
VA Connecticut HCS

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