Giant Steps In Art Therapy: Under Control

Tuesday, August 21, 2018
John Jones is a U.S. Navy Vietnam Veteran, 1966-1970. He has been a member of the Art of the Brave Art Therapy Group for many years.  “I have become more social and less isolated since attending the group.  I’ve become much better at expressing myself and it is has helped me get some of the darker, deeper thoughts under control.”
Of the images John has created, “Serenity represents a peaceful place where all the world’s problems fade away, while The Dragon is like life – Surprise! Just when you think all is going along well, something always pops up. In Vietnam, the dragon had personal meaning for me.  Remember When is a grouping of stuff I saved throughout my life, each item in this piece has a connection to my past/history and in Who Arrives, I was thinking about travel and all of the places I have been. Then, I thought I would like to revisit some of these places, so I would need a time machine, like Dr. Who.”
The Giant Steps Program is an arts-driven outpatient mental health program for Veterans connected with VA Connecticut Healthcare. The mission of Giant Steps is to promote the wellness and recovery of Veterans by providing opportunities for creative expression, and connection with others so they can rediscover personal strengths, manage stress, build resilience, enhance self- empowerment and find meaning and pleasure in their lives.
Laura Spinelli, MA, ATR, LPC
Director, Giant Steps Program
VA Connecticut HCS
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