Liaison’s Ledger: YRP Veteran Slots & Scholarship Dollars

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

At Yale, each Professional School, the Graduate School, and Yale College makes a commitment for slots and dollars towards the Yellow Ribbon Program (YRP) for Veterans. The inauguration of the YRP was enacted by the U.S. Congress following the Post 9/11 G.I. Bill.  While the Post 9/11 G.I. Bill allows veterans to attend their home state public college or university virtually tuition free, the Yellow Ribbon scholarship provides a supplement to qualified veterans (six years of active duty and an honorable discharge) or a designated dependent which affords the opportunity to attend a private university.  When the private institution, like Yale, makes an annual commitment to the number of admissions slots it will provide for veterans and the amount of the scholarship they will provide to each, the government then matches the institutional dollar amount up to the total cost of tuition.  As the Yale Veteran Liaison, I work closely with the Yale Veterans Association, the Yale Student Veterans Association, the Office of Admissions, the Office of Financial Aid, our Professional Schools and the Office of the Provost to ensure compliance with our donor’s requirements in order to maximize the number of veterans (or designated dependent) seeking various degrees at Yale.  Currently, there are approximately 20 undergraduates participating in the Yellow Ribbon Program and about 27 Yellow Ribbon students attending Graduate and Professional Schools.  It is important to note that the Yellow Ribbon Program is totally separate from the Air Force and Navy ROTC Programs which are funded by the Department of Defense.

Please do not hesitate to call me with your questions and comments on how we might support those who have served.  

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Jack Beecher
Yale Veteran Liaison
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