Leadership Team

Steering Committee

The Yale Veterans Network (YVN) steering committee consists of staff members who volunteer their time and skills. The committee meets on the second Wednesday of each month from 12-1 pm. All members of the Yale community are invited to attend these sessions to learn more about YVN and to share their ideas. We welcome involvement of any kind from across the university. The steering committee is led by co-chairs and contains the following committees:

Communications and Marketing  - Responsible for working with the Office of Diversity & Inclusion liaison to create communications and timelines.

Community Outreach - Responsible for creating relationships with external organizations who have a focus on the advancement of veterans, promoting the existence of the Yale Veterans Network, and cultivating relationships.

Professional Development - Responsible for identifying educational opportunities, helping to create a forum for the Yale Veterans Network, and working with the Staffing liaison to link recruitment and retention opportunities.

Networking – Responsible for identifying veterans on campus, and creating forums for veterans and allies to come together on a regular basis, with a specific focus on internal community building.

Tamika Hollis's picture
Tamika Hollis
YVN Title: Co-Chairperson (2021-2023)
Title: Community Engagement Project Manager
Department: MEDCCI Yale Center for Clinical Investigation (YCCI)

Phone: +1 (203) 606-5310

Shawn Flynn's picture
Shawn Flynn
YVN Title: Co-Chairperson (2020-2022)
Title: Associate Analyst, Analytics and Data Services
Department: DEVIDS Information Management and Donor Services

Phone: +1 (203) 4320851

Adrian Bonenberger's picture
Adrian Bonenberger
YVN Title: Co-Chairperson (2019-2021)
Title: Editor, Yale Medicine
Department: MEDIPC YSM Institutional Planning and Communication

Phone: +1 (203) 7371670

Michael Radynski's picture
Michael Radynski
YVN Title: Co-Chairperson (2018-2020)


Christopher Mihok's picture
Christopher Mihok
YVN Title: Steering Committee Member & Former Co-Chairperson (2017-2019)
Title: Director Purchasing Services
Department: FBOPRO Procurement


Santo Galatioto's picture
Santo Galatioto
YVN Title: Former Co-Chairperson (2016-2018)
Title: Retired


Michael Wagner's picture
Michael Wagner
YVN Title: Steering Committee Member & Former Co-Chairperson (2015-2017)
Title: Evening/Weekend Manager, Access Services
Department: LIBSSS CSSSI Coll & Access


Lori Rasile's picture
Lori Rasile
YVN Title: Steering Committee Member & Former Co-Chairperson (2014-2016)
Title: Director of Finance
Department: NURADM Business Services Team