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The vision of the Yale Veterans Network (YVN) is to make Yale University the employer of choice for veterans, reservists, and members of the National Guard.

The mission of the Yale Veterans Network (YVN) is to create a Yale community of veterans, veteran leaders and allies who support and encourage their recruitment, career development, growth and retention.  

Join our mailing list by contacting: angela.malerba@yale.edu.  Electronic newsletter frequency is approximately once per month, with the occasional time-sensitive announcement interspersed as needed.  View our Newsletter Archive, read more about how and why Veterans Count at Yale, or update your Workday Veteran status now to be kept informed.

YVN News

May 25, 2018
How many times are we asked, “Were you in the service?”  It resonated on mulitiple levels last week when the Association of Yale Alumni (AYA) sponsored its 10th annual “Yale...
April 25, 2018
• Tell us about your current role at Yale University? I edit Yale Medicine Magazine, and do social media work for the medical school.   

Community News

May 25, 2018
Jennifer DeGaetano is a U.S Army Active Duty veteran that served in Fort Hood 2001-2003, as
April 25, 2018
In an effort to recruit and attract veterans to work at Yale University, Yale’s HR Staffing