A Call For Volunteers

A Call For Volunteers Photo
Monday, September 11, 2023

Our Yale Veterans Network is looking for volunteers to serve on one of the following committees. If interested, please email us yvn@yale.edu

Alpha Team - Affiliate Networking: Responsible for connecting and supporting military spouses and dependents. (Tamika Hollis & Vacant) 

Bravo Team - Professional Development: Responsible for identifying educational opportunities and helping to create a forum for YVN. There is a strong link to recruitment and retention opportunities within this subcommittee. (2 Vacancies) 

Charlie Team - Communications & Marketing: Responsible for working with ODI to create communications and timelines. (Violeta Ware & Vacant) 

Delta Team - Community Outreach: Responsible for creating relationships with external organizations who have a focus on the advancement of veterans. (2 Vacancies) 

Echo Team - Networking: Responsible for identifying veterans on campus and creating forums for vets and allies to come together regularly. (2 Vacancies)

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