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Yale Workday: How To Change or Add Veteran Status

Yale Workday: How To Change or Add Veteran Status

Recent changes to federal legislation, requires Yale as a recipient of federal contracts, to provide the federal government with data indicating the number of faculty and staff in our workforce who are protected veterans and/or persons with disabilities. In an effort to comply with these requirements, I ask if you have not already done so, that you take a few minutes to respond to voluntary questions regarding self-identification of disability and protected veteran status.

Employee Spotlight - Henry Kwan

What is your current role at Yale University?

As Director for Shared Interest Groups at the Yale Alumni Association, I advise, work with, and strategically support the efforts of various alumni volunteers and mission-driven organizations that are contributing their time, talent, and connections for the betterment of the Yale community and beyond.  With the Yale alumni community currently numbering over 180,000 people, and represented by over 300 different volunteer-led groups, there’s always something interesting and significant happening.

Employee Spotlight - Marinda Monfilston

Tell me about your current role at Yale University?
As Senior Diversity Coordinator of the Office of Diversity & Inclusion, I help to advance Yale’s mission of diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging by providing oversight for Yale’s 9 affinity groups and the programming and logistics of 350+ affinity group events and meetings annually. 
Could you discuss some of the intangible skills that veterans bring to an organization?

Employee Spotlight – Devon Riley

Tell me about your current role at Yale University.          
I am a Diversity Support Specialist, which means I have the most incredible job ever. I get to support both WorkLife and the Affinity groups. My wife and I usually speak about our jobs and she’s always jealous of just how much fun and impactful my job is on the day to day.  
Would you share some of your military experience and transition to the private sector? 
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