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Tuesday, September 12, 2023
Tell me about your current role at Yale University?
I am currently a Project Manager in the Capital Project Team of Facilities. I manage several projects at a time to upgrade and maintain the Utilities infrastructure across campus.
Would you share some of your military experience and transition to the private sector?
My experience in the military was brief and unconventional having been an officer candidate in one branch and serving enlisted in another. The versatility of both experiences taught me that certain leadership principles serve as a good foundation no matter what branch you are serving or what room you are in. After being discharged my desire to serve remained and I ended up working in the government sector for about six years. Finally transitioning to the private sector feels bittersweet at times but finding organizations such as this and my military fraternity & sorority help me feel like I’m still serving the community I’m a part of.
How does your military experience impact your position at Yale?
There’s a saying in the Marine Corps, “Once a Marine, always a Marine,” and I carry that with me everywhere I go. From the way I dress, to punctuality, and even the way I interact with clients and co-workers I strive to carry the spirit of the Corps with me. The Army also has a Soldier’s Creed we recite at every milestone and a line from it says, “I am a Warrior and the member of a team… I am disciplined, physically and mentally tough, trained and proficient in my warrior tasks and drills.” While we are not a military organization at Yale, I do feel like I’m the member of a team headed toward a larger goal or mission working here. And on days when I’m not at my best I can look at my coins on my desk, or recite these lines to myself and remember that I am here at this elite organization to positively impact the lives of everyone here at this University.  
Could you discuss some of the intangible skills that veterans like yourself bring to an organization?
The intangibles are definitely some of the things I just mentioned. The mental fortitude that comes with serving your country doesn’t just disappear when your DD214 is issued. We are the 1% that will push through challenges and strive for above average results in everything we touch. We are motivated to not only get the job done, but to build the team we are a part of in the process. We are also some of the most creative problem solvers because of our experiences.
What do you think about the Yale Veterans Network?
So far I love what I’ve seen with the YVN. Having organizations that provide a space for Veterans and their spouses or affiliates is very important to a sense of belonging. I’m glad there’s a place here at Yale where I can fellowship at work and see direct impact to our local community.
What are you hoping to accomplish as Co-Chair?
As the incoming co-chair, I hope to bring a fresh face and innovative ideas to revamp the YVN and improve its social media presence as a whole. My passion is serving the veteran’s community. I am hoping to help cultivate a place for fellowship, as well as highlight the resources amongst ourselves to uplift, empower, and excel as a unit.
Is there anything else that you’d like to add?
I would encourage everyone who knows a Veteran to get involved with YVN. There’s so much to gain by just showing up to support the organization and what it stands for.
Photo of Violeta Ware
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