Employee Spotlight - Marinda Monfilston

Photo of Marinda Monfilston I Am YVN Campaign Poster
Friday, January 12, 2024
Tell me about your current role at Yale University?
As Senior Diversity Coordinator of the Office of Diversity & Inclusion, I help to advance Yale’s mission of diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging by providing oversight for Yale’s 9 affinity groups and the programming and logistics of 350+ affinity group events and meetings annually. 
Could you discuss some of the intangible skills that veterans bring to an organization?
As the manager of a veteran employee, shoutout to Devon Riley, it’s been such a pleasure to experience firsthand the skills that veterans bring to Yale. In my experience with veterans, they know how to get things done, are very resourceful, and will go above and beyond to help anyone in need.   
What do you think about the Yale Veterans Network?
The think the Yale Veterans Network (YVN) is an invaluable opportunity to build community with veterans, veteran leaders, family members of veterans, and allies. It’s also been an excuse for me to get curious and learn more about the military experiences of my family members. On my maternal side, my uncle William Brown Jr. served in the Air Force: 5 years of active duty and 4 years of reserve. On my paternal side, my cousin Brandon Haskins also served in the Air Force - Special Operations Unit - for 8 years. 
As a result of working collaboratively with YVN since 2014, my appreciation and respect for veterans has greatly deepened. And as a lifelong learner, I’ve really enjoyed YVN’s intersectional programming about hidden figures such as the 6888th Central Postal Directory Battalion, Willie Harris, and Richard Henry Greene.    
Is there anything else that you’d like to add?
If you are a veteran, veteran leader, family member of a veteran, ally, etc. I highly encourage you to get involved with YVN. There’s a plethora of networking, professional development, and community service opportunities and ideas waiting to be actualized. And as we are approaching the 10th anniversary of YVN, we need your help to make Yale University the employer of choice for veterans, reservists, and members of the National Guard. 
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